Owner | Head Coach
CrossFit Level II Trainer

Storm is the head coach and owner of CrossFit Veneration. Storm is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who grew up in the area and graduated from Northridge High School. After attending school at Ohio State, Storm opened the doors of CrossFit Veneration in 2015.

Storm has an athletic background including football and baseball, and right out of school he began coaching both.

In his free time, Storm enjoys spending time with his family, his fiancé Courtney, and their pup, Kilo.  He uses his training in the gym to compete in local CrossFit competitions and enjoys getting into anything he can outside.

Storm does the programming for all athletes at CrossFit Veneration and encourages anyone that wants to better him or herself to give it a shot. He takes great pride in the ability to scale the most difficult tasks to an appropriate level for men and women of all skill levels.

Storm holds the community found at CrossFit Veneration very close to his heart and greatly cherishes the friendships made at the box. His mission for each of his athletes is to bring them a program that allows a life full of activity and fulfillment.

“Inviting, passionate, committed, pragmatic, driven full of bad-assery. That's CrossFit Veneration in a nutshell.”

Jill Jackson

“I can tell you that no two classes have been the same. If you are of the older generation, don’t think for one minute that you can’t do one of these workouts. The Coaches have modifications and more modifications; so age, weight, or flexibility is not an acceptable excuse!”

Cheryl Williams

“If you aren't in this box you should be! You're missing out on kick ass coaches, kick ass equipment, and a kickass environment.”

Nicole Barclay