Getting started at CrossFit Veneration.


Step 1. Book your free session to meet with a coach so we can learn how we can help you. Try our program with your personal coach by your side to help you every step of the way.

Step 2. Schedule your Private Coaching sessions to begin your fitness journey with us while you learn how to perform exercises safely and efficiently before entering the class setting. It is through Private Coaching sessions that we teach you how to move.

Step 3. Graduate into All Levels Class where you’ll continue to develop a higher level of athletic potential and put the skills and movements you’ve learned to work while being surrounded by your friends. At Veneration, All Levels class is instructed by a coach every single class, every single day! In All Levels Class we teach you how to move better.

Step 4. Continue meeting with your personal coach on a monthly basis to re-assess goal and work on your weaknesses. At Veneration you’re never alone on your journey!