CrossFit Level I Trainer

Jake has been involved in sports from a young age playing baseball, football, and basketball. He continued to compete during his 4 years at Johnstown High School. He was introduced to weight training at a young age. Throughout the following years, most of his training was been geared towards strength for football, consisting of basic power lifting movements like the squat and dead lift. He now excels in being a well-rounded athlete while maintaining a very solid strength foundation.

Jake is currently a student at The Ohio State University Newark Campus, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Outside of getting jacked at the box, Jake likes to keep himself busy with a wide range of hobbies. He likes to learn more about his career path and educate himself in programming. He loves getting involved any chance he gets to play sports and he enjoys playing the piano every so often.

Jake’s favorite part of CrossFit is the atmosphere. The people that he has met and gets to spend every day with are truly what keep him coming back.  The ability to come to a place where he knows he will be supported and cheered on during a workout creates a euphoric feeling. He loves not having to worry about going to the gym by himself or repeating a monotonous workout that he has done a million times. Instead, he thrives in showing up every day to endure whatever unique and crazy workout has been programmed with his family at the box.

Jake wants his athletes to know that as a coach he will always put forth 100% effort into making sure that they are safe, efficient, constantly improving, always getting what they want out of a work out, and doing all of these in a way that is enjoyable to them. He knows that as a coach he may not always know the exact answers to all questions, but is the type of person that will work relentlessly towards finding that answer. Jake’s number one goal is to do everything in his power to see that his athletes reach their goals.

“Inviting, passionate, committed, pragmatic, driven full of bad-assery. That's CrossFit Veneration in a nutshell.”

Jill Jackson

“I can tell you that no two classes have been the same. If you are of the older generation, don’t think for one minute that you can’t do one of these workouts. The Coaches have modifications and more modifications; so age, weight, or flexibility is not an acceptable excuse!”

Cheryl Williams

“If you aren't in this box you should be! You're missing out on kick ass coaches, kick ass equipment, and a kickass environment.”

Nicole Barclay