Respect or awe inspired by the dignity, wisdom,
dedication, or talent of a person.


Established in 2015, Veneration has become the standard for group fitness in central Ohio.  We started from very humble beginnings in a small old mechanic shop.  Armed with a couple barbells, dumbbells, and a few pull up bars; we went to work every day bringing the highest level of excellence and personal connection with our tribe.

Fast-forward to today, we are one of the largest privately owned fitness facilities in Licking County. Our current facility boasts 9,000sq ft of functional fitness equipment allowing us to perform our workouts in a safe, clean, and effective environment. We have full men and women’s locker rooms, a beautiful piece of land, and an amazing community of members.

We accredit our growth in our small town to the unwavering level of service and results we provide our members. Our fun, highly qualified coaching staff work with individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our 60-minute classes focus on short daily workouts to help attain personal results for any individual. A typical class will include a group warm up, technique skill session, and a workout that will get your heart rate up. We provide a positive training atmosphere that will improve your overall fitness level regardless of age, gender, or physical ability.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change, want to drop a few pounds or gain some strength, we invite you to stop in to our facility to meet with one of our coaches. We are here to help you along in your health and fitness journey. Your friends trust us with their wellness and we are excited to meet you!


Building a family of better humans through fitness, laughter, and love, while developing deep and meaningful relationships in order provide unique opportunities for extraordinary people.  

“Inviting, passionate, committed, pragmatic, driven full of bad-assery. That's CrossFit Veneration in a nutshell.”

Jill Jackson

“I can tell you that no two classes have been the same. If you are of the older generation, don’t think for one minute that you can’t do one of these workouts. The Coaches have modifications and more modifications; so age, weight, or flexibility is not an acceptable excuse!”

Cheryl Williams

“If you aren't in this box you should be! You're missing out on kick ass coaches, kick ass equipment, and a kickass environment.”

Nicole Barclay