This is where your journey begins.


Through the private 1-on-1 opportunities with our highly qualified staff, you are provided a personal and intimate experience. Our coaches provide an experience perfect for anyone looking to make a change to their health and fitness. You will be instructed on how to perform exercises safely and efficiently before entering the class setting. Private coaching sessions are completely customizable to fit your schedule. It is through private coaching sessions that we teach you how to move.

If you never wish to move into a group setting, you don’t have to! We are here for you every step of the way.

“Inviting, passionate, committed, pragmatic, driven full of bad-assery. That's CrossFit Veneration in a nutshell.”

Jill Jackson

“I can tell you that no two classes have been the same. If you are of the older generation, don’t think for one minute that you can’t do one of these workouts. The Coaches have modifications and more modifications; so age, weight, or flexibility is not an acceptable excuse!”

Cheryl Williams

“If you aren't in this box you should be! You're missing out on kick ass coaches, kick ass equipment, and a kickass environment.”

Nicole Barclay