Whether or not you are successful can be entirely dependent on your face and it has nothing to do with how pretty that guy over there bench pressing thinks it is. This has nothing to do with how others are interpreting you and everything to do with how you are viewing yourself.

I think we can all agree that our minds are extremely powerful tools. In fact, our thoughts are the only thing we have control over in this world. When we show faces of defeat, uncertainty or stress we strengthen that doubt in our mind confirming that the task at hand is out of our comfort zone. Our posture and facial expressions tell our brain that we are either equipped to deal with the challenge or we are not. Next time you find yourself walking around with your hood up, shaking your head, slouching and staring at the ground take note and try these adjustments:

  • Pick your head up and look forward.
  • Set your shoulders back and stand tall.
  • Put on a confident smile and get after it!

Keep a determined, driven, and comfortable grin and press on. Don’t give your mind the opportunity to think that you aren’t capable. Do you have what it takes to conquer your biggest challenges?


P.S. The answer is yes!

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