“I was just born this way”.

“My parents set a terrible example.”

“I was never taught anything different.”

“Everyone else does it.”

What are these? Excuses that we use to justify staying as we are instead of striving to become better and we are all guilty of making them.

Of course it’s possible to control our anger. We don’t have to arrive to every argument we are invited to. Of course it’s possible to control our weight. We can subscribe to a fitness and nutrition coaching program.

How do you think others do it? Certainly their lives haven’t been perfect. I guarantee that their parents made mistakes raising them. They didn’t come out of the womb incapable of ego or not subject to temptation. They were not handed success. They worked for it. They made it a priority. They solved it as they would solve any other problem, by committing themselves to finding a solution. Not THE solution. A solution.

They made incremental progress. Little by little. Day by day. Until they did it. They BECAME who they are. Just like you can!

There are a million things that stand in your way, but together we can overcome them. Our role as your coaches is to help you figure out why you’re not seeing progress, then help you build systems to make it happen.

I believe in you.


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