With just 24 hours in a day, and 8 of those hours spent sleeping. That gives us 16 hours per day with our eyes open.

Once upon a time, 1/4 of my day was spent with my face in my phone. I’d bet you’d be surprised by how much time you spend on yours as well. (Go to the settings on your iPhone and click “screen time” 9 lines down).

Sure, a good chunk of that was spent reading ebooks and writing to you guys but plenty of it was spent on social media. During this time of my life I clearly remember saying “I just don’t have time for (insert desired thing here)…” countless times each day. I was literally missing family dinners, workouts, and get togethers with friends. I was going to bed in the early AM hours and waking up before sunrise all to try to get more work done because “I didn’t have enough hours in the day”.

Here’s a couple actionable items that you can do to buy your time back so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most to you.

1. Adjust your phone settings. You can go into the same settings from above and establish parameters around the usage of your phone to hold yourself accountable – mine is off at 7pm, on at 7am. You can also set limits on particular app usage. It quickly became a challenge where I ended up striving to decrease my screen time each week. I also recommend turning off all notifications. Check your phone when you choose, not when every little ding, buzz and whistle tells you to. If you’re feeling real froggy, remove the social media apps from your phone entirely forcing yourself to have to open your computer to check notifications.

2. Schedule “appointments” for the things that typically derail your day the most often. How many times have you interrupted your focused work to respond to an email or a text and got sucked into the social media vortex. A few months ago I started reserving time in my schedule once per weekday to check and return emails, messages, phone calls, even social media notifications. It’s been a game changer. Everyone gets their questions answered in a timely manner and I remain focused on my projects during the time I have scheduled to work on them. Distractions down, productivity up.

3. Wear a watch. My good friend and Coach Jake Taylor recently taught me a little trick. He wears a wrist watch to decrease the number of times he takes his phone out for little things like checking the time and date because naturally that leads to checking instagram and Facebook.

These things have been working well for me but I am constantly having to refocus. I have been able to perform better at work and best of all I am able to give 100% of myself to whatever or whoever is in front of me. Whether I am helping a member work toward their goal, working on a passion project, feeding my son his breakfast, or talking with my wife I am completely present.

We all have the same 24 hours. What are you spending yours on?

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