Here’s what you need to know about your membership at Veneration during the COVID crisis.

  1. Veneration is going above and beyond all safety precautions. Our facility is cleaner than the traditional gym – bar none.

    Your coach sees every single thing you touch. And as soon as you’re done with it, you wipe it down before returning it AND your coach cleans it after your class or session. That means EVERYTHING gets cleaned after EVERY touch – twice. 

2. Veneration is locally owned.

Courtney and I are in the building every single day. We have a very loud pulse on everything that is taking place in our company which allows us rapid, clear and streamlined communication with each one of you directly.

3. Veneration is by appointment only. 

Whether you work with your coach in a group of people safely distanced with your own equipment or 1:1 with your coach in Private Coaching, nobody enters our building without a reservation. We have control over the exact amount of people, therefore the amount of space between people in our 9,000 square foot building at all times. 

4. If, God forbid, you DO fall sick, you’ll recover a LOT faster. Because you’re healthier than almost anyone you know.

We are here to take care of you while you’re at home for the next few days.

You’re doing the right thing by investing in your health.

We don’t want you to lose the buffer of health and immunity we’ve built together. We made you a promise when we began working together that we would coach you to reach your goals, and nothing will stand in our way of fulfilling that promise – even if you do wish to work with your coach from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve got your back.

Stay safe and keep moving,

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