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Storm and Courtney Strout

In the heart of Johnstown, a remarkable journey began on October 5th, 2015. Storm and Courtney Strout, opened the doors to CrossFit Veneration with a shared vision.

What started as a coaching practice in their garage blossomed into a thriving community committed to helping others live long, fulfilled lives in healthy bodies . Our Humble Beginnings CrossFit Veneration’s initial home was at 36 W Jersey St, a repurposed oil shop spanning just under 2,000 square feet. The Strouts poured their hearts and souls into this space, and within a year, their community grew rapidly. Seeking room for expansion, they relocated to 101 Recreation Dr., a building that once housed the town’s bowling alley. It was here that Veneration truly evolved and grew into the exceptional company it is today. The Birth of a Vision Before opening their doors to the public, Storm and Courtney crafted their vision for Veneration, the mission they aimed to accomplish, their core beliefs, and their goals. These values serve as a compass, guiding every decision and action taken at CrossFit Veneration. The Power of Values Storm and Courtney firmly believe that the right thing is always the right thing. Their values are more than just words; they are principles they are willing to be held accountable to. Their team doesn’t merely know these core values; they embody them fully, delivering excellence in their services and behaviors, both inside and outside the facility. This allows us to build deep, meaningful relationships with our clients and serve as a beacon to evaluate our actions regularly. The Evolution of Veneration Today, our values are upheld and demonstrated by our dedicated team each time we open our doors. We remain committed to executing our vision, fulfilling our mission, and revolutionizing health in our community for generations to come. Meet the Strouts Storm Strout has a journey rooted in a sincere understanding of the importance of personal health. As a husband, father of two, and CEO he’s experienced the challenges of feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and overstressed. It was from this understanding that Veneration was born. Storm is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to add years to your life and life to your years. He is committed to revolutionizing health in our community, and, alongside his professional coaching team, has helped thousands achieve their goals. Storm brings virtuosity, attention to detail, creativity, and consistency to everything he does. In addition to building Johnstown’s premier health coaching practice at CrossFit Veneration, Storm manages commercial and residential real estate properties, is a Business and Lifestyle Mentor in his practice Latitude Mentorship, as well as working for world’s largest fitness business mentoring company; Two-Brain Business. Courtney Strout is a woman of diverse roles and unwavering commitment. She is a loving wife and devoted mother of two, infusing her family life with warmth and compassion. Simultaneously, as the COO of Veneration and a registered nurse, she is on a mission to empower her community in the battle against chronic illness. Her dedication is deeply rooted in her firsthand experiences witnessing how lifestyle choices – the good, the bad, and the ugly – impact her community’s health. Leading the Veneration team, Courtney finds utter fulfillment in guiding her teammates to build careers that enrich their lives while also helping clients achieve the once seemingly unattainable. Proudly, she is an integral part of people’s transformative journeys, aiding them in making daily strides toward their lifelong dreams. Courtney’s superpower lies in her ability to break down habits and daily actions into manageable steps, fostering meaningful and lasting life changes. Together the Strouts spend most of their life outdoors as a family hiking, rock climbing and camping. More Than a Gym At CrossFit Veneration, we are more than a gym; we are a team dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community. Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to create opportunities for our friends, new and old, to live successful lives. Together, we’ll increase your healthspan – the period of time when you’re fully functional – to match your lifespan. We are here to guide you every step of the way as we revolutionize health in our community for generations to come.


Steele Strout

Steele Strout is passionate about helping hard working adults achieve things for the first time in their lives. Both physically and mentally. He is grateful that being a member of the Veneration Team allows him the opportunity to be a positive constant in his client's lives.

As a professional coach, Steele’s mission is to guide his clients to results while having fun. He is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that attracts you to the gym and choosing difficult things rather than just having to exercise as another thing to check off your list. Over the past several years, Steele has been an integral part in creating a culture in which not only your coaches support you, but your peers too. He is proud of the fact that everyone in his life at Veneration wants to see their friends succeed. The most rewarding part of being a fitness professional for Steele is the moments where years of his client’s hard work come together for them to accomplish a long time goal. When Steele is not on the training floor he spends his time with his family and two boxers, golfing and playing poker. Steele’s advice to the person on the fence about taking this step toward improving their life is that motivation isn’t something you can wish for. Motivation is created through results. Results take action. Take action.


Christin Burgel

Like so many of our professional coaches here at Veneration, Christin Burgel was a member long before she was a coach. The atmosphere captivated her, made her feel a way that she never had and got her unprecedented results.

She set her sights on providing that to others in her community. “I feel so passionate about what we do here that I needed to be a part of this team.” Christin is an expert at meeting her clients exactly where they are on any given day and leading them outside of their comfort zone. She loves finding things that they feel they cannot do, leading them on the journey and witnessing them knock their expectations out of the park. Christin’s is an integral part of what places Veneration in a class of its own. Her leadership, hands-on coaching, empathy and reliability are the characteristics that allow her to develop relationships with her clients that lead them to results unlike they have ever experienced before. The most rewarding part of coaching for Christin is guiding her people to achieving something they never thought they could do. She has been witness to countless “firsts” and the look on her client’s faces say everything that words can’t about what wakes Christin up in the morning. Christin is a wife and the mother of four children. When she isn’t coaching, she enjoys camping and riding their side by side all around the country. She loves watching my kids succeed in their extra curricular activities, one of the most rewarding parts of parenting. Christin’s advice to the person that she hasn’t yet met who needs this life change: “I understand. You looked up CrossFit Veneration online and you are petrified. It looks hard and scary. This is for YOU. You don’t have to be in shape… most of us were not when we began either. That’s why we exist. I want to help you. This is all about moving your body to improve your life. This place will change you if you let it.


Mitch Coultas


Alexa Peterson


Jacob Smith

"I'm thrilled to be part of a community where everyone's success is the ultimate goal." Passion for health and fitness has always been the driving force behind Jacob Smith's career choices, leading him to the fulfilling path of a fitness and nutrition coach.

His journey started six years ago, consistently immersed in gym culture, gaining valuable insights on safe and effective workouts.
Choosing to become a coach at CrossFit Veneration wasn’t just a career move for Jacob; it was a decision rooted in a love for community. Recognizing the genuine desire of everyone to see each other succeed, he was drawn to Veneration’s unique atmosphere.
As a coach at Veneration, Jacob’s mission is clear: to create positive results that significantly improve the lives of members. His favorite aspect of coaching is witnessing individuals surpass their own expectations, accomplishing feats they once deemed impossible.
Outside the gym, Jacob’s interests include golfing, enjoying music or podcasts, strolling in nature, and cherishing moments with friends and family.
To those on the verge of starting their fitness journey but hesitating, Jacob offers reassurance. He emphasizes Veneration’s diverse and supportive community, highlighting the skilled coaching team that ensures everyone, regardless of age, injury history, or fitness level, has a positive and rewarding experience.
Jacob Smith is the ultimate expression of a world class coach; he’s a dedicated advocate for positive change, ready to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle at CrossFit Veneration.


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