Gabriella Layman


Gabriella Layman is committed to helping the people in her community discover the best version of themselves. Her passion for coaching fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management was born from this devotion. She knows that these habits lead to so much more than just “looking good”. It’s about living a longer, healthier, happier, and fuller life. Gabi’s favorite part about working with her clients is building deep and meaningful relationships.

This allows her the opportunity to lead them to meaningful life change. It’s this type of community support, guidance and professionalism that has become a hallmark of Veneration and what makes our practice one of a kind. Gabi brings a positive and uplifting energy to Veneration that is unparalleled. She expects effort and commitment from her clients, but the most rewarding part about her job as a professional coach is the smiles on their faces. If there’s one thing that she wants to accomplish everyday, it is making everyone that she encounters smile. “I know it sounds cheesy – no pun intended – but I want to impact everyone’s life in a positive way everyday. That is more than anything else.” When Gabi is not coaching, she spends her time with her family and she loves crafting, everything from charcuterie boards to macrame and painting. Gabi’s advice to someone who has been considering making a change in their life but hasn’t yet taken action is “if you have thought about making a change more than three times, do it. There will never be a ‘right time.’ No more wasting your valuable life thinking about it. You can do it. You are capable of so much more than you think. I believe in you… now you believe in you.

Steele Strout coach at CrossFit Veneration

Steele Strout


Steele Strout is passionate about helping hard working adults achieve things for the first time in their lives. Both physically and mentally. He is grateful that being a member of the Veneration Team allows him the opportunity to be a positive constant in his client’s lives. As a professional coach, Steele’s mission is to guide his clients to results while having fun.

He is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that attracts you to the gym and choosing difficult things rather than just having to exercise as another thing to check off your list. Over the past several years, Steele has been an integral part in creating a culture in which not only your coaches support you, but your peers too. He is proud of the fact that everyone in his life at Veneration wants to see their friends succeed. The most rewarding part of being a fitness professional for Steele is the moments where years of his client’s hard work come together for them to accomplish a long time goal. When Steele is not on the training floor he spends his time with his family and two boxers, golfing and playing poker. Steele’s advice to the person on the fence about taking this step toward improving their life is that motivation isn’t something you can wish for. Motivation is created through results. Results take action. Take action.

Jake Taylor coach at CrossFit Veneration

Jake Taylor


Jake Taylor has always loved helping people. When he found the amazing humans and culture at Veneration back in 2015, he immediately built strong relationships. Being able to help people in a place that he loves was a no-brainer. Jake’s favorite part about coaching his clients is bearing witness achievements earned by long term consistent effort.

“Naturally, it is hard for people to see the gradual progress made day-to-day, but our measurable and repeatable program allows us to look back together and reflect on where our clients started to see how far they have come. That is just amazing.” Jake’s coaching mission is mental growth. He is dedicated to providing people the most enjoyable hour of their day and in turn, their health results are a by-product of that. Once his clients break through their first wall of their fitness, their lifestyle snowballs breaking through wall after wall that were all seemingly unbreakable before. Their perspective becomes more optimistic and they have momentum toward a better life. Jake’s love for the Veneration community is rooted in the alignment of values. “Veneration’s services simply further the vision of the group. We are not narrow-focused on physical health but rather a broader definition of health. We value the physical component, mental, and perhaps the greatest of all: the social component fueled by mutually beneficial relationships.” Jake is a husband and a volunteer at Big Brother Big Sisters. He loves to read, play piano and ukulele, and play video games and chess. When Jake is not coaching and using his fitness in the gym, you can find him outside hiking, running, and golfing. Christin’s advice to the person that is on the fence about taking this step toward a better life: “This can be a gentle transition into something that will compound into great change for the better. All you have to do today is make the first step. From there it is about baby steps led by your coach each day to achieve your goals. Along the way many beneficial, incremental mental shifts will take effect, but it does not need to be done all at once. Anyone can do it, one little step at a time. Now is your time.”

Christin Burgel coach at CrossFit Veneration

Christin Burgel


Like so many of our professional coaches here at Veneration, Christin Burgel was a member long before she was a coach. The atmosphere captivated her, made her feel a way that she never had and got her unprecedented results. She set her sights on providing that to others in her community. “I feel so passionate about what we do here that I needed to be a part of this team.”

Christin is an expert at meeting her clients exactly where they are on any given day and leading them outside of their comfort zone. She loves finding things that they feel they cannot do, leading them on the journey and witnessing them knock their expectations out of the park. Christin’s is an integral part of what places Veneration in a class of its own. Her leadership, hands-on coaching, empathy and reliability are the characteristics that allow her to develop relationships with her clients that lead them to results unlike they have ever experienced before. The most rewarding part of coaching for Christin is guiding her people to achieving something they never thought they could do. She has been witness to countless “firsts” and the look on her client’s faces say everything that words can’t about what wakes Christin up in the morning. Christin is a wife and the mother of four children. When she isn’t coaching, she enjoys camping and riding their side by side all around the country. She loves watching my kids succeed in their extra curricular activities, one of the most rewarding parts of parenting. Christin’s advice to the person that she hasn’t yet met who needs this life change: “I understand. You looked up CrossFit Veneration online and you are petrified. It looks hard and scary. This is for YOU. You don’t have to be in shape… most of us were not when we began either. That’s why we exist. I want to help you. This is all about moving your body to improve your life. This place will change you if you let it.

Courtney Strout coach at CrossFit Veneration

Courtney Strout


Courtney Strout is passionate and committed to helping her community prevent chronic illness. As a registered Nurse, she saw what illness from lifestyle decisions does to a human. She decided to dedicate her life to being a part of the fight to cure the issues before they have the opportunity to arise. As the Co-Owner and COO of Veneration, Courtney’s fulfillment comes from witnessing our clients accomplish things they never knew they could do. “Everyone comes in scared and nervous.

They don’t think they can do so much of what they end up excelling at!” She is proud to be a part of our member’s journey’s, helping them work to get just 1% day after day. Over the past decade, Veneration’s service has evolved and improved, but the mission has always been the foundation of all efforts: To revolutionize health in our community for generations to come. Courtney’s mission as a coach is to help guide her people to the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves that then trickles into their households, their marriage and their relationships. In addition to numerous credentials including being CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and RN, Courtney’s coaching superpower is her ability to cultivate meaningful life changes by breaking down habits and daily actions in a stepwise manner. As a former collegiate cheerleader, she excels in coaching gymnastics movements. Courtney founded Veneration’s nutrition program in 2015 that has grown and evolved to what is now Veneration Growth, the industry’s leading nutrition, sleep and stress management coaching practice. Storm’s leadership strength is that he brings virtuosity, attention to detail, creativity and consistency to the table in all endeavors. As a wife and mother of 2, Courtney spends every moment she can playing with her kids, enjoying walks, hikes, rock climbing and camping.

Storm Strout coach at CrossFit Veneration

Storm Strout


“How you do anything is how you do everything.” Storm Strout is passionate about creating opportunities that allow the people in his community to create healthy bodies and successful lives that allow them to live the lives they wish to lead. As a husband and parent of 2 who has been overwhelmed, over-stressed and overworked, Storm is immensely familiar with the importance of taking responsibility for your personal health.

Born from this deep understanding, Veneration specializes in helping working adults live healthy lives. As the Co-Owner and CEO of Veneration, Storm is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to add years to your life and life to your years. We call this “increasing your healthspan”: The period of time when you’re fully functional. Storm and the Veneration Team’s mission is to revolutionize health in our community for generations to come. Over the past decade, Storm and his professional coaching team have built the largest coaching practice in the county and have helped thousands of people in the local community lose weight, build strength, decrease stress and increase their confidence and happiness. In addition to numerous fitness credentials, Storm is a mentor for the world’s largest fitness business mentoring company in the world; Two-Brain Business, along with managing commercial and residential real estate properties. Storm’s leadership strength is that he brings virtuosity, attention to detail, creativity and consistency to the table in all endeavors. Storm spends most of his life outdoors with his wife, son and daughter. He loves to hike, rock climb, camp and play guitar.


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