Teaching fitness and nutrition is something I am truly passionate about.

When I started doing CrossFit in 2015 I knew I loved it but had no idea I’d end up coaching it!

I was still in nursing school in 2016. Storm and I spent a lot of nights sleeping at the gym because he was working so late. We were always there together for the early morning class. I can remember standing behind the GHD right outside of the office in our first location and watching Storm coach class.

It hit me like a bus… I wanted to coach.

I loved helping others with their health in general. I was deep enough into nursing school to know that I liked the preventive care more than the reactive. I had some experience under my belt in CrossFit and decided I would take my L1 course that year.

I remember that very first class I was going to coach like yesterday. We were doing kettlebell swings and Storm was trying to walk me through how to teach a progression.

I was so nervous I cried… a lot. Like full melt down.

But I did it!

And I had so much fun doing it.

In 2018 I went to Storm and told him I wanted to start coaching nutrition. In nursing school I loved nutrition so much. I started to recognize that a lot of what I was seeing In the hospital setting could have been prevented with the proper nutrition.

I saw people in the gym that couldn’t make progress and it was all nutrition related. People working their tails off and not seeing the results and with no one to really help them.

So I worked through another certification and began coaching nutrition in early 2018 – and a few weeks later, we were pregnant with our son! We were so excited, scared… all the normal emotions.

We pushed our wedding date up to June 2018.

We had Ryatt in November 2018… and I had gained 70 pounds…

People like to say, “oh well yeah but you just had a baby”. I’m telling you that eating a diet that consisted of donuts, chicken wings, pizza, mac n cheese was the culprit of that 70 pounds…. not being pregnant.

I used it as such an excuse to eat junky and I paid for it! It gave me amazing perspective though.

I know what it feels like to weigh 200 pounds as a new mom. I know those weak voices in your head. I know the shaming that you do to yourself.

I know…. and it’s made me a much better coach.

But, I know that changing it is doable.

I know that you can be EXACTLY who you want to be.

Let me say it a little louder, IT’S REALISTIC AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE!

This is why I coach.

I’ve been doing this now for over 5 years now and I CAN HELP YOU – you just have to let me.

Click the link to schedule a time to talk with me! I want to know your story and how my team and I can help you.


– Coach Courtney