If we know anything for certain, it’s that life doesn’t play fair and we are forced to take blind-sided shots more often than we would like to.

We can choose an offensive position or a defensive one. One takes intentionality and deliberate effort, the other is a default state achieved through indolence.

I prefer to be prepared and conditioned.

To build a buffer.

I prefer the play offense.

My playbook is simple: Do hard things with good people.

Let’s do a quick two-part breakdown.

  1. Do hard things.

This morning I went on a 2:30am 8 mile 40lb ruck.

Later today I will workout in Group Class at Veneration.

There are very few things I will face today that are harder than these two things.

In the process of improving my health and fitness, I have also been sharpening my mind to actively build a cushion against hardship. Two birds, one stone.

I experienced this firsthand this week. When my wife was faced with a potentially life threatening situation, I was able to respond calmly and logically, as opposed to reacting panicked and paralyzed (this has most certainly not always been the case). She was more calm and collected than I was – a testament to her training, as well.

2. With good people.

The ruck was completed alongside 3 great men in my life.

The workout will take place in a group of other like-minded working adults led by my professional coach.

I can’t do this life alone.

And if I could I wouldn’t want to.

Sometimes life’s blind-sides are so strong that they shake you in ways that you weren’t prepared for. Having a community of people who will extend a hand when you get knocked down, pull you forward, and carry some of your load is invaluable.

The best part – when you catch your stride again, they’ll be the first the give you a fist bump and celebrate your successes.

Do hard things with good people.

What hard will you choose today?

Who is in the arena with you?


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