It is understandable to think that you need to be super fit to start in a CrossFit program. Afterall, we have all seen the pictures of the jacked dudes and ripped chicks flipping tires and climbing ropes. That is super intimidating and we understand. 

You’ve been told that “everybody starts somewhere” but that doesn’t help suppress the sick feeling you get in your stomach when you picture yourself walking into a new gym for the first time. 

Before you exit out of this page to go back to the ‘30 minute walk on the treadmill every day’ routine that has failed you countless times before, we have the solution to your problem. 

At Veneration you will not even workout on your first visit. You will come in for your new Member Consultation where we will learn all about you and make sure you are set up with a personal action plan that will get you results. Wear your favorite jeans and comfortable hoodie because there won’t be any sweating today. 

From here, we can schedule your first private coaching session with your new coach during a time when there isn’t another soul in the gym. No intimidation here! 

Waiting to get in shape before coming to Veneration for help is like trying to learn to play piano before your first piano lesson. We exist to help you get in shape, not to showcase folks who are already in shape. 

It’s time that you stop looking around at others and wishing that was you. We are here with open arms, ready to help take you from exactly who you are right now to who you’ve been dreaming of becoming. Let’s swear off that boring treadmill once and for all – together. 

Stay safe and keep moving,

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