Please go do the thing today that brings you joy. It’s estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Each decision yields certain consequences with it that are both good and bad.

For today, just choose joy. Choose the thing that has no payoff. The one that has no ROI. The one that has no agenda.

I am constantly searching for permission. I feel like I am always looking for the nod of approval from the people I respect. Although that is a topic for another time and you don’t need anybody’s permission to be happy, here is mine if you feel like you need it from someone. Whatever it takes to get you to take decisive action.

For goodness sake, exit out of this post, close the app, turn off your phone, and go do that thing. Yeah, that first thing that popped into your mind. Yep, the one you just tried to tuck away for another time with that “I wish” stuff. Go do that!

Take some time for yourself. Some time spent without purpose. Do the joyful thing.

Let me know what you end up doing. I’d love to give it a try myself.


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