Do you feel like you are eating all the right things but I am not seeing any change?

When this occurs we need to ask ourselves this:

How much of this quality food am I consuming?

When we eat too much of a nutrient, our bodies will hold on to the excess amount of food that it doesn’t need to use for fuel and will store it as fat.

So even if you are eating great food options like rice and chicken, but having too much of it in one sitting, your body will hang onto it.

You may be eating all that right things, but it might be time to evaluate the portion sizes.

Listening to your body as you eat and try to notice when you are feeling “satisfied” vs “stuffed” if a great place to start.

Try eating at a slower pace and consider using a smaller dinner plate to help get a better idea on appropriate portion sizes.

If knowing how much nutrients you need in a day or portion control is a struggle of yours, I am here to help you!

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Coach Gabriella