I’m sure that if you’re over the age of 23 you’ve most likely tried at least 1 fad diet. Over the age of 30 and you’ve probably tried 2. Over the age of 40 and that number probably doubles or triples.

The longer you’ve been around the more fads you’ve seen come through the nutrition marketplace. In addition, as we rotate around the sun more and more times in our life (aka “getting older” – rotate just sounds better) we experience the lovely changes that come with age like slowed metabolism, postpartum bodies, hormone changes, job stress – the list goes on.

This makes for a messy situation leaving us desperate to feel change. Paralyzed by choice. Frozen with overwhelm. Type in the words “best diet” in Google and you’ll get over 1 billion hits (billion with a “b”!). Where would one even start with something like that?

At CrossFit Veneration, we believe that something as fundamental as Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Food is fuel at it’s purest definition and it can either help us or harm us. We also believe that changes to your body (both outer and inner) are best done at a rate that is sustainable and realistic.

Quick fix fad diets, meal replacement shakes and supplements are a short term (and often drastic) solutions that provide instant results. 80% of people who lose weight in this manner WILL gain the weight back – often more. So, how do we create permanent change?

With your Fueled Nutrition Coach you’ve got a pretty good chance.

1. We make S.M.A.R.T. goals together: specific, measurable, attainable relevant, time sensitive.

2. We keep it simple and build off small incremental changes one at a time to gradually reach BIG success.

3. We decide on realistic and actionable steps together that fit your lifestyle, preferences and desires.

4. We track results closely using an InBody biometric body composition scanner. This provides 99% accurate results for the makeup of your body. We increase the good stuff like muscle and decrease the bad stuff like body fat.

It’s time to come up with a game plan that meets you exactly where you are at by clicking here to book your New Member Consultation and start your journey today: https://crossfitveneration.uplaunch.com/join/1917