The squat is a movement that we perform everyday as humans from the age of 1-100+.

Think about the amount of times you stand up and sit down in a day.

Now think about your age. Those reps total up to be an astronomically large number!

If performed incorrectly day after day, the squat will certainly lead to injury.

Below are two short explanations on what to do vs. what not to do when standing up and sitting down. You can utilize these points of performance if you are squatting with a barbell on your back or sitting down and standing up from your couch.


-Shoulder width stance

-Hips descend back and down

-Lumbar Curve maintained

-Heels stay on the ground

-Knees stay in line with toes


-Loss of a neutral spine

-Weight is in the toes

-Heels come off the ground

-Hips descend straight down causing knees to track over toes

I would love to teach you how to move properly to avoid injuries, surgeries and expensive doctor bills down the road.

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– Coach Steele