Heather Taylor started off working with her Nutrition Coach here at Veneration around two years ago.

After a year of hard work in the kitchen, she decided she wanted to start working with me as her fitness coach in a Private Coaching setting once a week for an hour.

Fast forward a year later Heather now has the endurance and strength built to workout three times a week.

Heather works from home and she doesn’t let that keep her sitting down all day long. She gets up every single hour through the day and walks. By the time we have our session at 4:30 she has already walked 10,000 steps in a day!

Heather also continues to meet with her Nutrition Coach and in their most recent meeting, she was another 10 lbs down in ONE MONTH by following her realistic action steps and doing it the right way!

On top of all of that, she continues to get stronger and hit personal bests on lifts in workouts every single week.

Heather is one of the most hard working and dedicated individuals I have ever met. She started out doing something she knew would help her most – Nutrition Coaching – and has now gone above and beyond what she once thought she could do.

When I asked Heather what her favorite part of her journey has been so far, she said “The friendly environment and doing things I never thought I’d be able to do “.

I asked Heather what advice she would give someone who is scared to start at Veneration and she said, “Trust your coach, you have to want results and be prepared to be held accountable by your coach to achieve those results “.

Keep up the great work, Heather. I am so excited to see what you do next!

– Coach Steele

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