“How many days per week should I workout?”

The short answer: 3-6 days/week. You’re going to get out of your training what you put into it. 

At Veneration you are following a strategically designed program that is proven to deliver you results. So with that as the prerequisite, the fact is that you will see more results the more times per week that you work with your coach. 

Less than 3 days per week is going to result in minimal progress very slowly. 

3 days per week will equate to steady progress over broad time. 

4 days per week is going to result in good progress a little faster. 

5 days per week is going to result in more visible progress on a shorter timeline. 

6 days per week and you’ll find yourself making immense progress rapidly.

We love to debate the small things. For example, when it comes to losing weight, most of us know we need to eat better and exercise more. Rather than accepting these simple truths, we debate meal replacement shakes vs. juice cleanses, macro counting vs. paleo, obscure supplements, periodization and strength cycles.

One of the most commonly debated subjects is workout schedule and rest days.

I’d like to pose this question: What would happen if you had a training session with your coach – either in a group class or private setting – 6 days each week?

Did you read that and immediately write it off as “just too much” for you.


Here are the most common responses we hear:

“I need rest days because I’ll overtrain and get hurt if I workout 6 days per week.”

Our program is designed to deliver optimal results to those who commit 6 day per week. 

Not only will you not be at a high risk for injury, you’ll be building a body that is healthy and strong leaving you significantly less susceptible to injury and chronic illness. There’s a night and day difference between sore and injured. Day 7 should be spent taking a walk, playing in the yard or going on a bike ride. More on this topic tomorrow.

“I’ll burn out if I come to the gym 6 days per week.”

You don’t get burnt out on things you love that provide you results. 

Think about it; you would certainly get burnt out pretty quickly at a job you hated or one that didn’t pay you fairly. The same goes for a workout program that is boring or doesn’t get you results. On the contrary, you won’t get burnt out working a job that fulfills your passions and compensates you appropriately. If your workout program is fun, challenging, and it helps you lose weight, gain muscle and feel good, of course you’re not going to burn out. 

“My schedule doesn’t allow it.” 

Are you sure? Or have you just committed to only working out during your ideal time? It’s okay to not be comfortable all of the time. It’s okay to have to get up really early or stay up late to do what needs done. It’s okay to have to change up your routine. This is one of the most important things you can do for your well being and should be a priority. Plus, our coaching team can work privately with you at any hour of the day. Schedule limitations are no longer a match for you. 

“I don’t want to workout that much and get bulky”.

Not lifting heavy weights regularly because you think it’s going to make you “bulky” is like saying you don’t want to make yourself dinner tonight because you may turn into a professional chef. We are human beings built to move, my friend. It may not be easy to get into a new routine, but there is no reason you can’t put in 60 minutes of intentional effort toward your fitness with your professional coach daily. 

• • • 

With a decade of data, our most successful clients see the greatest results by creating the habit of training with their coaches 6 days each week. The more they work with their coach, the better they get. Everything in their life improves, from their relationships and their health, to their careers and their fulfillment. 

Full disclosure, no number of sessions per week can overcome eating like crap the other 23 hours of the day. I’ll help you with that later this week as well. 

I’ll meet you back here tomorrow to talk about active recovery days.

Stay safe and keep moving, 

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