Ahhh the dreaded Monday…

It is here again!

But it doesn’t have to feel like this any longer. Here are a few tips you can take action on to make your Mondays ( and the rest of your week) feel great again.

Get up just a bit earlier than normal and take the morning for yourself.

Use this time to prepare yourself for the day ahead so that you aren’t just waking up and rushing into your day. Write a to do list, read a book, listen to your favorite music, whatever it is that helps you get into your groove.

Eat breakfast.

It is so important that you give your body fuel to kickstart your day. Having a well balanced breakfast will have you feeling great going into your day and provide you with the mental clarity you need!

Drink a glass of water.

Water has so many benefits like helping your brain function, boosting energy, and aiding in digestion!

Get your week started right by adding these few things into your routine and let me know how much better you feel!

– Coach Gabriella

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