Things don’t make you happy (you knew that part already.)

Actions DO.

But happiness is gold, buried in the mine of your other emotions. You have to go looking for it and hold it up to the light.

Every week in the private Veneration Tribe Facebook group we practice happiness. Members and coaches will share their “bright spots” for the week: wins in the gym and their personal lives.

The purpose is twofold:

1) We all get to read dozens of great stories from our friends every week.

2) In the act of thinking about “What worked well this week?” We take five minutes to reflect on the things that made us happy. And guess what? The act of looking for happiness makes us find it!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this:

“I didn’t think I had any Bright Spots this week until I went looking for them.”

I’m very careful about protecting the borders of our group, because that’s what you do when you love people: you keep their space safe. So I won’t share any of their Bright Spots with you. Instead, I’ll share mine:


I am grateful for time spent with Hayden, Chris, and Steele yesterday golfing. Awesome day, awesome weather and awesome friends!

I have almost completely rebuilt the Veneration Team Playbook. As our company has grown and evolved, what used to be a record of the practices in the world was now just “pretty good”. I now have a clear roadmap to reference when needed.

We have improved our continued education and development plan for our teammates in enormous ways. They are on track to leveling up to help our members achieve greater results. 

We met with Johnstown Police Chief Haroon to introduce ourselves and discover how we can help our local law enforcement keep in top physical shape.

We have our celebration walk through for our new home today. We have worked so hard to be able to purchase ourselves a home and I am looking forward to every moment spent there. 

I got 3 great workouts in this week. Once upon a time I would have sifted through my results looking for what to share. These days I am just so happy to have spent 60 minutes making a positive deposit toward my health and feeling great afterwards. 

This weekend I will be packing up our apartment in preparation for our move. Some repairs will need made and some walls will need painted. My wife and I will spend time together on Sunday preparing our food for the crazy week ahead. Some people might call that stuff work; I’m lucky to have a different context of “work” after working 17-hour days for so many years!

Those are my Bright Spots for today. Imagine reading dozens of those…every single week.

The best part: it’s not bragging. I literally started writing with one Bright Spot in mind, and up popped another, and another…and now I feel amazing!

What effect would that have on YOUR life?

A bit of warning: if you aren’t used to open sharing like this, it could be hard to get your brain moving in the direction of spotting the positive. But THAT is a sign, right?

As our culture becomes wealthy to the point of hurting ourselves, we’ve lost the ability to find happiness. We eat ourselves sick and stress ourselves awake. The practice of gratitude and reflecting on WINS will make you happy. It’s just part of a larger process of changing your life, but a critical one.

What are your Bright Spots from this week?