This upcoming week I am going to be writing to you about how to get real results from your fitness efforts. My favorite part about health and fitness is that when you put forth consistent effort every single aspect of your life will improve. This is precisely why I have devoted nearly the last decade of my life helping guide and encourage those efforts in others. So while throughout this week I will be using examples specific to fitness and nutrition, understand that the benefits of the efforts you put forth will expand well beyond how fast you can run a mile. 

If we have had the opportunity to work together in any capacity, you already know that I will never speak on anything that I haven’t tested in my own life. It is also rare that you’ll find me speaking in absolutes because circumstances are very rarely always or never. This is why we have committed to providing professional coaching to our members every day. General methods, concepts, and guidelines are fine but what happens when they don’t work? What’s your next step? Bounce from idea to idea in the hope you’ll find the right one? No way. Not when you could’ve simply saved time and found a professional coach that cares about you, will pivot with you and is there to help you improve. 

So let’s improve together. Everything I write to you over the next several days comes from experience and it comes from the heart. I hope you don’t take my words at face value. Instead, I hope that this starts a conversation that we can both grow from. We’re going to get better together. Let’s get to work. 

To kick this off I’m going to tell you the simple step you can take to never miss a workout again.

How many times have you found yourself committed to getting your workouts in all week only to get to Friday and realize that you made it to the gym once?

It’s so frustrating because you look around and see people coming to class 6 times each week and getting great results. You think to yourself “They have jobs, spouses, kids, and responsibilities too. How are they doing this?” 

Good news, the answer is simple. You need to schedule your workout times before the week begins.

I like to think of it the same way I schedule a doctor appointment. You don’t just hope that you show up to the doctor, you open your schedule and you book it. Why should you treat this appointment any differently? 

Fun Fact: This is why our Private Coaching members see such great results. They never miss a workout because they have their personal coach waiting for them at the front door at their scheduled time. 

Here’s your simple action step: Open your planner or your Google Calendar on Sundays and schedule your workouts for the week. We’ll talk more about daily routines and rituals later this week. 

The key to making this work is that you have to stick to the plan. If an emergency comes up and you must change the plan you committed to, you have to physically move your workout to a new time – even if it isn’t your ideal time – don’t just skip it. But don’t be so quick to move your originally scheduled workout because it’s a very slippery slope and before you know it you’ll be rescheduling your workouts for every reason under the sun. 

Don’t overcomplicate this. Hope without plans are ideas. Ideas without actions are wishes. Please stop setting yourself up for failure by entering each week without a plan. All you need to do is show up ready to work hard, we do the rest.

Take the time to build a realistic plan that you can follow 100% to finally achieve the results you’ve been wishing for! 

Need some help? Talk to your coach or click here to book your New Member Consultation and start your journey today:

Tomorrow I am going to tell you how many times per week you should workout to achieve your desired results. 

Stay safe and keep moving,

Storm Strout
CEO, CrossFit Veneration