I want you to be happy. Like all of us, your happiness requires a commitment to the things that bring you fulfillment. We are here to hold you accountable to that commitment to youself.

When you believe that somebody else is in charge of your life you immediately start down the path to unhappiness. If you tell yourself that the media, the government, or your boss control your life, you are subscribing to a life of unhappiness. I am not suggesting that you subject yourself to delusion or denial of the injustices that plague our society. It doesn’t mean bad things aren’t happening. However, nobody has the power to control your thoughts and actions.What hope for you is that you are able to define happiness for yourself, whatever it may look like, and take one action step toward that vision.

There it is. Your one simple step toward reclaiming happiness. Simple, not easy: Today, take one step toward that person you see when you close your eyes and envision yourself happy. Just one.

If your vision of happiness includes a healthier, stronger, more confident ‘you’, we would love to help you meet that person.

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Let’s choose happiness.