“I threw my back out doing yard work.”

“My back is so screwed up from working in the flower beds this weekend.”

“I destroyed my back lifting mulch bags on Saturday”.

These are comments we all hear every spring as the weather starts to get nice.

As a professional fitness coach, I can help you eliminate this occurrence… forever.

Picking up a bag of mulch is something most people do without thinking much about it.

However, with proper form it can be done much more efficiently eliminating the chance of screwing up your back.

We do this safely in the gym by doing a lift called the “Clean”.

If you’re thinking “Why do I need to do these lifts, I’m just a normal working adult?”, hang with me.

The form we use to do olympic lifts is the same form used to do everyday tasks, such as carrying a mulch bag, dog food, water softener salt, or moving any heavy object from point A to point B. We practice these in the gym – a controlled environment – with proper form and coach instruction so when they come up in every day life, we are conditioned and prepared.

If you’re tired of throwing your back out every time you do yard work or everyday tasks I would love to help you.

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Coach L.A.