The common misconception in the fitness world is that more is better. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of programs that leave you flat on your back gasping for air every single day. If you’ve been training consistently with a professional for any length of time you know that this is not the path to improvement and achievement. More is not better.Better is better.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering starting a fitness program or if you’re already involved in one: If your goals are to look better, improve your fitness all-around, and maybe beat your buddy in a few workouts, you should seriously start prioritizing single joint movements.

These exercises are also known as isolation movements. It is a type of strength training that engages a single muscle group within the body. It’s true single joint work might not be on the top of your fun list and you may not be thrilled to see when they’re programmed, but improving muscular imbalance, training your body to handle higher-skill movements when fatigued, and preventing injury is done through this type of work. Not to mention, I can’t name anyone that wouldn’t want to have better looking arms or legs!

If you ask me, subscribing to training that gets you closer to your goals and keeps you healthy and happy is the best training. And remember, the real gains happen outside the box. Without being able to manage the stress of training and life you won’t reap the benefits of any programming.

Going harder or training more does not guarantee results. But proper nutrition, sleep, and balance of high-intensity work does! In summary, non-sexy work will make you sexier, help you PR your benchmarks, and leave you feeling better all around. Win-win-win.


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