I recently read an article that said “CrossFit targets the ex-athletes, military, and emergency personnel, often the hard-cores.”

I want to tell you the actual truth…

At Veneration, CrossFit is for everyone.

The CrossFit training methodology can help you achieve various different types of goals.

Folks from all walks of life come to us in order to shed body fat, gain strength, even to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded.

Working with our coaching team can help you gain the energy you need to keep up with your kids at the park, tend to your garden without having to take multiple breaks or run a mile for the first time.

How about that dress that doesn’t fit like it used to, or that skin under your arms that dives you crazy when it jiggles around.

The work we do at CrossFit Veneration is for normal folks like you and I. We will help you accomplish the image you see when you close your eyes and dream… and along the way, our methods will teach you how to move your body properly in everyday life to prevent injury and chronic disease.

We can work with you in a small group of your peers or we can work privately in a personal training setting while there isn’t another person in the building.

Often times we begin working with people starting only with nutrition coaching.

We will only start you where you are comfortable and where we believe we can help you best!

To do CrossFit is to create longevity.

No matter your age or abilities, anyone can do CrossFit with their professional Coach at Veneration. We have your back!

Coach Gabriella

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