Hurry! Get to church on time. Hustle to the store immediately after to get your organic meats and vegetables so you can rush home to prep your food for the week before getting to dinner with the family. Be sure to leave dinner by 7:30pm to get home and get the little one bathed and to bed on time so you don’t throw off their sleep schedule. Once you’ve put their pacifier back in for the 12th time in 20 minutes hurry to the shower and get ready for bed so you can catch a couple hours of shut eye before they wake up for their midnight bottle. Get back to sleep quickly, only 4 hours until your alarm goes off.

Time to get up, make sure the dog gets let out and fed before the baby wakes up. Give everyone a kiss and get on the road so you’re not late for work. Eat your breakfast on the way so you get there on time but be careful on the road so you don’t get a ticket or worse, hurt yourself or someone else.

When you arrive to work, be on top of your game and smile. You were only able to get a couple uninterrupted hours of sleep but get it together, you’re a leader and everyone is depending on you. Lunch time, go eat your lunch you prepped yesterday. Shoot. You forgot it in the refrigerator at home this morning while you were trying to get out of the door. A protein shake will have to do for today. Hurry up and get it down, you need get your workout in before your break is over.

Back to work. Check your emails and make sure all balls stay juggled properly and everyone is happy. Oh man, boss is mad and decides to take it out on you. You’ve got big shoulders, take it like a champ and don’t be weak. You’re strong, tough it out and don’t show any vulnerability or emotions. Hurry up! Get your work done, you can’t be late in the office again, your family is waiting to see you before bed time. One of your favorite clients arrive and you are super excited to see them and chat before you have to go. They are in a bad mood and complain to you about something you’ve done wrong. Smile and be kind. Apologize and take the blame and promise to try harder next time.

You’re late. Get home. Drive the speed limit, use your turn signals, and come to a complete stop at all stop signs but for goodness sake hurry up!

Baby is asleep. You missed dinner and bath time again. Your wife understands but is sad that it happened again. Apologize and make it right. Warm up the leftovers from dinner and eat quickly. Hurry to the shower and get ready for bed so you can catch a couple hours of shut eye before the baby wakes up for their midnight bottle. Get back to sleep quickly, only 4 hours until your alarm goes off… here we go again.

I am here to tell you something that nobody else has told you:

You are doing great! It is okay.

This letter isn’t about giving you advice or best practices. I don’t have any tips to preach at you. I am just here to tell you that it is okay and that you don’t need to have it figured out today. All those people on social media that seem to have everything you’ve always wanted.. they don’t. They struggle just like you and I.

Some things people don’t know about us: Courtney and I weren’t sure we would ever be able to have children. I have had a list of health issues that doctors thought would prevent us from having babies. God has blessed us with this beautiful baby boy and it is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We prepared the best we knew how. That’s the thing about parenthood, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

We understood that when he was born, some things about our work life were going to need some adjustments. All of the sudden we weren’t going to be able to start our work day at 5:30am and work until 8:00pm. We weren’t going to be able to workout in each other’s classes for the foreseeable future (that one stung a little extra, because we love learning from each other). We couldn’t both schedule meetings with our members at the same time, because one of us needed to be with the little guy. Our personal health hit the back burner hard. The list went on.

And on.

And on.

We had zero experience with any of it. Not only was parenting new, we were newlyweds that had only ever known working 14+ hour days together.

Part of our process was bringing together a world class team of full focus coaches that share our values and our vision. Without our team we are nothing. It is one thing to surround yourself with like minded people, but find people that are BETTER than you and life gets real good real quick. As we were starting to maneuver through these uncharted waters, there were of course people that had their feelings that we weren’t doing good enough and they voiced it loudly and recklessly, and that’s okay too. We heard it, took some, left some, learned and are better for all of it. I have always heard my mother say “feedback is a gift” and I believe that to be very true.

We reflect daily on our personal development. Every single day we learn something new about ourselves, our family, our business, and our life. We are light years away from “figuring it out” and we never will. When we finally understood this, it’s like the weight of the world was lifted off of our shoulders. We couldn’t be happier than we are today. We have an awesome partnership, a beautiful baby boy, a messy house, a crazy puppy that thinks he’s the Tasmanian devil, a wonderful business full of happy people that are working hard to better their lives, friends that are like family, and family that loves us more than we could ever have wished for. Some days are like a dream, others are really tough and that’s okay.

At the end of each day, we know a just these few things:

We are in control of one thing, our own minds.

The best antidote for stress is laughter.

If we are trying our best, that is enough. At the end of the day only one opinion truly matters and it is that of our Savior.

Gratitude is the emotion that trumps all. You can’t be grateful and mad, hurt, sad, or angry at the same time.

If you a struggling and trying your best… It is okay.

You are doing great, even if nobody else is telling you! God is good and he won’t ever put anything on your plate you cannot handle.

We can all learn from each others success and struggles. What are some things that you struggle with and what’s your go-to when working through it?


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