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Group Class Coaching

A world class fitness program for working adults led by our professional coaching team from warm up to cool down. You'll get a great workout in with a group of like-minded peers and leave feeling better than when you came in.

Veneration Growth

Private Growth Coaching
A few years ago, we had a head-scratching mystery on our hands. It pained us to witness so many incredible people struggling to grow in their health, careers, relationships and happiness. First, we coached thousands of people in their fitness, then hundreds more in their nutrition, but even when their effort yielded great results, oftentimes they found themselves back on the couch where they began. They needed more to get the results they wanted in life for the long run. Why were these awesome folks encountering so many problems and getting stuck in a rut on the pursuit to happiness? We realized it's because they were completely on their own and lacked the experience, perspective and accountability necessary to overcome their many challenges. They didn't have a knowledge problem, they had a habit problem. But we knew all of their difficulties were 100% solvable with the right help. What they needed, to ensure their success, was support and guidance from a seasoned professional. Our dream was to create the finest team of coaches on the planet to revolutionize health in our community for generations to come through sleep, eating, movement, and stress management coaching. And that, my friends, is how Veneration Growth was born. We will team up with you to build your custom tailored action plan that focuses on creating positive habits. No cookie cutter one-size- fits all meal plans, no restrictive diets, no fads, and no 30-day challenges. Your coach will work with you every step of your journey through regular Growth Coach Check Ins, pivoting as necessary, to guide you toward the results you've always dreamed of.

Veneration Youth

Group Class Coaching Ages 6-10
Completely customizable coaching sessions to fit your needs and goals. Exercise at your pace with your coach's with undivided attention. The fastest progress takes place in a private 1:1 setting. Whether you want to avoid a group setting, you have a very restrictive work schedule, you have an ultra-specific goal you are training for, you have a physical limitation that needs to be addressed, or you just simply prefer the premier service of 1:1 attention, Private Coaching is for you. -Group Class Coaching Ages 11-13: In this stage of your child's development, our professional Youth Coaches introduce them to new skills and begin stretching them outside of their comfort zones in terms of physical and mental challenges in a small group of their peers.



We have a wide range of programs and services fit for all budgets, schedules, and goals as low as $159/month. During your New Member Consultation we get to know you, understand your goals, and team up to create an action plan to overcome your struggles.

No cookie cutter one-size-fits-all plans. No paying for services or amenities that you don’t use. No baseline membership fees to get in the door, additional transaction fees or long term contracts. Just a custom built plan to help you get the results you are seeking.

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