Today something will happen that will throw a wrench in your plans. If you’re fortunate enough to escape this reality today, be certain it will happen tomorrow.

You possess the power to turn these obstacles upside down in order to use them as opportunities to practice excellence.

If you’re running right on time for work and your car breaks down, this is a chance to practice patience.

If your boss changes your work schedule and throws off your gym routine, this is an opportunity to test your tenacity and commitment by attending the 6am class for a while (plus, you’ll meet new friends).

If your employee treats a customer out of line with your company values, this is a chance to practice difficult conversations.

If you roll your ankle during your workout, this is a chance to practice new upper body exercises that you are deficient in for the next couple weeks while you heal.

Our progress can be impeded or disrupted, but our mind can always be changed – it holds the power to redirect the path at will. We prepare ourselves with the readiness to pivot knowing we’re probably going to have to do so at some point. Nobody can take that away from us.

Let’s not spend our precious time and energy wishing we could turn back time or remake the universe according to our desires. Instead, it’s far better and easier to remake ourselves. Every impediment can advance action in some form or another. There is an obstacle in your way right now. How can you make this obstacle the solution to achieving your larger goals?


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