Jerry Seinfeld gave a young comic advice on how to write and create material. “Keep a calendar and each day that you write jokes, mark a red X. Soon enough, you get a chain going – and then your job is to simply not break the chain”.

Success becomes a matter of momentum. Once you get the roll rolling, it’s easier to keep going – it’s the primary reason we highlight Bright Spots.

At Veneration we have used this method to build positive habits, lose 50 lbs, accomplish a first pull up, achieve a 500lb deadlift, run a sub 6 minute mile. We also use this method to break negative ones, fight alcoholism, sugar addiction and self loathing.

Start with one day of doing whatever it is – be it arriving to the gym, following the plate method, or managing your temper. Then do the same the following day and the day after that. Build a chain and then work not to break it… one day at a time.

For times when it gets really tough, lean on your coaches. We’ll always celebrate your successes with you, but our main purpose is to help you figure out why you’re not doing what you need to do to achieve your goals, then build systems to make it happen. 

It’s time for you to start adding links to your chain. Click here to book your New Member Consultation and start your journey today:

Once you book, go ahead and mark your first red X. Your journey has begun.