The words we choose to speak have an immense amount of power in our lives. Negative talk lays a foundation for negative outcome and positive talk builds a platform for positive outcome.

“I’m not complaining, I’m just stating a fact” is a very common response we here when we speak on positivity. That is correct, it is a fact. However, breathing life into it by giving it a voice – in your head or out loud – only brings greater awareness to the obstruction that you have no control over. That is called complaining and it is toxic to your growth.

Here are some negative phrases I’ve caught myself repeating recently:

“It’s so hot.”
“I’m so sore.”
“I’m tanked.” (mid -workout)

Yeah, Storm. It is hot. And pointing that out won’t make it any cooler. It only makes everyone else aware of how hot you are. Literally, that’s the only thing it does.

Yep, you sure am sore, you’ve trained consistently for 5 days in a row and pushed yourself to do new things. That’s what growth looks like.

Good thing you feel tanked mid-workout since, you know, you’re working out.

I commonly encourage our members and my training partners to “tell yourself something good” during the workout when things start to get rough. A simple shift in thoughts can take you from feeling defeated to achieving unthinkable feats in a matter of seconds, especially when vocalized.

Don’t let your words be poison. They have way too much power to do good.


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