You are working hard to make it to the gym every day. You have a good steady routine that blasts the bis and tris, hits chest and back, includes a leg day, some cardio, and you even target your core a few times a week. The only problem is that you’re starting to feel unsure if you’re actually making progress toward your goals.

Some days you get a good sweat going and it feels like you might be getting stronger especially when you lost a few pounds in the beginning. But you ask yourself, “Am I really getting better?”

If this is you, don’t get frustrated and whatever you do – don’t give up! I have been there too and I have the solution for you. You need to start measuring your progress through regular tests. It’s impossible to know where you’re going if you’re not taking objective measurements to determine where you’re currently at. But what exactly should you be testing?

  • Your Body Composition (Primarily skeletal muscle mass and body fat)
  • Your performance in benchmark workouts

Here at CrossFit Veneration, we utilize and InBody scanner to measure your body composition. This helps us establish a baseline that we retest at the end of your 100 Day Journey and every 100 days after that.

We use a large number of carefully created “benchmark workouts” that we test every 12-18 weeks. These gives us real measurable data that we can use to make adjustments where needed or celebrate your successes when they happen.

Most everyone makes decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong. Our job is to ensure you have all of the tools to make sure you’re never guessing or wishing for progress!

The most valuable thing we can offer our clients is our time. We pride ourselves on the fact that we know each of our clients goals and we stay closely informed as targets shift by meeting regularly in Goal Setting Consultations.

It’s time for your goals to be heard and for our team of professionals to help you achieve them.

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