From the day we founded our coaching practice here in Johnstown, I have had a love for hosting Veneration community events. Since 2015 I’ve had a vision of an event that would not only test our athlete’s fitness, but one that that brought everyone out of the gym setting to join others from our community.

We always say that competition brings athletes to new heights, finding a level of grit they didn’t know they had. It also brings everyone closer together and strengthens the deep and meaningful relationships that have been established inside our four walls. This was especially true in our inaugural year of The Tribe Throwdown as we came together for the first time since the COVID-19 response crisis. I found myself blown away by the dedication, hard work and pride that everyone in The Tribe put in to prepare and participate in what would forever be known as “The event of the year”. 

2021 will bring some major exciting changes to the landscape of the event as we take it offsite to The Strout Property for an all-day fitness party including indoor/outdoor events with a podium ceremony, cookout, bonfire and a very special first time Tribe Awards Ceremony built around our mission, vision, values, cultural behaviors and traditions.

With both an Rx and Scaled division for Veneration members of ALL experience levels (Either Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male), activities for the kids, food and of course the need for a massive cheering section, this truly is an event for your whole family and friends group. 

We are stoked to host The Tribe at our family’s home for the best fitness party in the world. 

– Storm 

Registration Deadline: 9/4/2021


Saturday, September 11th 2021

11:00am – Check-In Opens 

12:00pm – Opening Ceremony and Athlete Briefing 

12:15pm – Event 1 Begins 

Event 2 Begins 

Event 3 Begins 

Final 4 Event Begins 

Throwdown Podium Ceremony 

Cookout Begins

Annual Tribe Awards Ceremony


2021 TEAMS 

The Motherthrusters: Patrick Dundon, L.A. Kelly – Rx Division

Buns & Gunz: Rebecca Tope, Faith Grigsby – Rx Division

Team Taylor: Jake Taylor, Shauna Taylor – Rx Division 

Kettlebellas: Stephanie Hamm, Lora Smith – Rx Division 

The Gimps: Christin Burgel, Kaitlin Young – Scaled Division 

Team 102: Matt Huff, Ivan Smith – Rx Division 

40 Week AMRAP: Courtney Strout, Meghan Swad – Scaled Division

A League of Their Own: Ashley Briggs, Haley Hall – Rx Division 

That’s What She Said: Storm Strout, Matt Mazzocco – Rx Division 

Maughter Mayhem: Jennifer Martin, Whitney Martin – Scaled Division 

The Incredibles: Holly Boroff, Brad Boroff – Scaled Division 

Chalk Blockers: Rachel Creager, Tiffany Striker – Rx Division

C Squared: Clarissa Gergley, Chris English – Rx Division

Donut Mess With Us: Steph Mcvaugh, Gabi Layman – Rx Division 

Oh My Quad!: Renee Grice, Lisa Del Cecato – Scaled Division

Two Peas in a WOD: Amy Jordan, Abby Elliot – Scaled Division

Your Mom: Amy Trauntvein, Carrie Lewis – Scaled Division

Schitt With Stacie: Emily Lowe, Stacie Walker – Rx Division 

Who’s Carrying Who?: Fred Odrumsky, Adeline Odrumsky – Rx Division 

G.E.T. S.O.M.E.: Steele Strout, Hunter Atwood – Rx Division

Baby Got Track: Melissa Dyer, Steve Dyer – Rx Division

The Young and the Ruthless: Noah Burke, Austin Gilbert – Scaled Division

So Press, So Clean: Jeff Willoughby, Dennis Douds – Rx Division

Legs Miserables: Kathryn Wood, Alex Wood – Scaled Division

All Pain No Gain: Brooke Maxwell, Amanda Retherford – Scaled Division

All Set: Marianne Derenberger, Anna Davis – Rx Division  

B Machine: Bryan Martin, Billy Vaughan – Rx Division



9300 Bennington Chapel Rd. Centerburg OH 43011


When you arrive, parking will be clearly marked. Here is a diagram for reference.