Summer is the time for traveling, long weekends away to the family lake house, beach trips with friends and family vacations. It doesn’t get much better than that! The only bummer is that we can’t take the gym with us when we go. But don’t fret! The Coaching Team at CrossFit Veneration has teamed up with our Fueled Nutrition Team to deliver you a guide on how not to fall off the wagon while you are traveling this summer and maybe even make some progress while you’re on the road. Enjoy!

1. Visit other CrossFit boxes.

The CrossFit Community is massive, exciting, and there is something to learn at every turn. While you’re away, consider visiting other boxes. Every gym has different policies, but remember that it is best to email or call well in advance to ask them if and when you can join their class. Their coach will appreciate the heads up so they can prepare to accommodate for a visitor. When you arrive, be sure to give the coach a rundown of your training history and any aches or pains you have. If you let us know where you’re headed, we’re pleased to call as well to give the coach a rundown of your current training level).

2. Don’t eat like a kid at a birthday party for 7 days straight.

It’s completely acceptable to eat less than perfect while you’re vacationing. However, remember that when you get back home, “real world you” is going to be the one responsible for the decisions “vacation you” made… and that includes all of those Piña Coladas.

Here’s some things to keep in mind regarding your nutrition:
– Eat a good breakfast and lunch. Treat yourself at dinner with some dessert if you’d like.
– Pick a snack food that you enjoy and get a limited amount of it for the trip. Don’t snack your way through the week.
– When eating out, skip the appetizer. It’s probably going to be something fried and greasy. Instead, save your appetite for your meal and keep some extra coin in your pocket while you’re at it.

2. Pick your training days in advance.

Whether you are working out in a gym, on the beach, in the backyard or in your hotel room; choose the days you plan to workout before you arrive to your destination. Chances are when you get there and start lounging you’re not going to be so pumped to workout any longer. That’s okay, you’re on vacation and you should enjoy your time way but if you’re looking to get a handful of workouts in while you’re gone your best bet is to have a plan before you go. This way you will be able to hold yourself accountable to get those workouts in and you’ll even be able to plan your drinks and not-so paleo-friendly snacks around them to avoid meeting pukie.

Consider including the family in your workouts. Nothing says quality family time like sweating together. You won’t even realize the memories you’re making but I promise you won’t forget them. Everything is better with your family.

Keep this list of travel workouts handy. These require little to no equipment and will provide plenty of challenge while you’re on the road. If you are considering taking some small equipment with you, we recommend a set of light-moderate weight dumbbells. They are super versatile and can be tucked away in the trunk nicely.

Track the results and try your best. Scale and modify as you need to in order to keep the intensity hight and the movement safe. Have fun with these!

WOD #1:
Set a treadmill to the highest incline, speed starts at a jog for a while, then increase to moderate for 3 minutes, more challenging for the next 3 minutes, very challenging for the next 3 minutes. Hard as hell for 1 minute. 15% incline and level 8.5mph is pretty legit. Total WORK time is 10 minutes.

WOD #2:
10 Thrusters with 35# DB’s
20 Double Unders

WOD #3:
Tabata Triplet
20 Sec. of Air Squats
10 Sec. of Rest

20 Sec. of Renegade Row with 35# Dumbbell(pull right arm to chest w/dumbbell, pull left arm to chest w/dumbbell, repeat)
10 Sec. of Rest

20 Sec. Hollow Body Hold or Rock
10 Sec. of Rest

WOD #4:
Burpee Burner
10 Minutes: Perform 6 Burpees every 30 seconds
For Time:
Run 1 Mile

WOD #5:
For Time:
200m Run
12 Burpees
200m Run
24 Jumping Air Squats
200m Run
36 Sit Ups
200m Run
48 Push Ups

Enjoy your time away!


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