Does the idea of a Virtual Class have you feeling more intimidated than seeing 300 burpees programmed? No worries, I’m here to help. I assure you 300 burpees is worse.

I get it. We aren’t all technology warriors.  The good news? You don’t have to be a tech stud to join our virtual classes, connect with the tribe, and keep fit.

This article will tell you EXACTLY what to do.


Connecting to our virtual classes is actually super easy.

1) Setup a workout space in your house. We recommend approximately 8′ x 8′ with overhead clearance.

2) Grab a phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection and click the link in the email reminder of Facebook event invite to join the conversation. (10 MIN AHEAD OF TIME FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS).

3) The first time you join, you’ll have to download an app. It’ll do it automatically.

4) Once it downloads, you are in! Just point the device towards you so it can see you and you can see it.

5) If you want sweet tunes, then set up a speaker that is NOT connected to the device you are using to connect to our class.  MAKE SURE THE AUDIO ON THE CONFERENCE DEVICE IS LOUDER THAN YOUR MUSIC SPEAKER SO YOU CAN HEAR US COACHING YOU THROUGHOUT CLASS.


I’ll answer your question with another question, “How techy are you, my friend?”

We use the video conference technology, Zoom, to host our Virtual Classes. It will let our coaches see and correct you and let you see us and your classmates.


The easiest thing you can do is to use your phone and simply click the link in the email reminder of Facebook event invite. It’ll have you download an app quickly, but then you’re set.

PROS: Super easy setup.

CONS: Super small screen. We can see you fine. It’ll be tough to fully see us.


If you have a laptop or tablet with video capability, use it! The screen is much bigger than your phone and you’ll have a better experience.

You’ll want to have a good look at your coach.  Not because we are pretty but because we will demo and coach some things for you. Just click the link in the email reminder of Facebook event invite and you will be good to go.

PROS: Much larger screen than your phone.

CONS: A little bulkier than a phone.


If you want to be a Virtual Class boss, then connect your computer to a TV or computer screen.  Obviously that’ll require a little prep, but man it’ll be awesome.

Click the link in the email reminder of Facebook event invite and watch the big screen come alive!

PROS: Super easy to see our demos and your classmates.

CONS: Requires some knowledge of how to connect a computer to a screen with an HDMI cable.

If after this article you have no idea what to do just shoot us an email ahead of time. Be there early!

See you soon!