Growing up, my mom constantly reminded my brother and I that “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” a quote attributed most often to motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

I think Louie Simmons says it even better. “If you run with the lame you will develop a limp.”

This is the primary reason we founded CrossFit Veneration. We set out to create a place where likeminded people with similar aspirations could team up and pull each other toward greatness each day. When we decided create Veneration, the driving force was so simple. We wanted to build the gym that we wished somebody would have built for us. It holds 100% true today. Everything little thing we do, we do with purpose.

This is our story. This is why we exist.

We hold teamwork and positivity in high regard.

The camaraderie amongst the coaches and members is one of our favorite aspects of Veneration. Gone are the days of working out in the corner by yourself with headphones on.

We strive to be your home away from home, an extended part of your family. You only need 60 minutes to get a great workout in with us, but we invite you to stay as long as you wish.

If you find yourself straying from the path, your team of coaches and training buddies will be checking in to help you get back on track. We’ve got your back at Veneration. Sometimes that simple fist bump from a classmate letting you know you’re not going into this challenge alone is all you need to remind you that you’re cared about and you have someone in your corner… even when the whole world is telling you otherwise.

We have a team of full time professional coaches that are constantly pounding on their craft to deliver a better service to you each day.

Through the years we have developed a rigorous on-boarding process for our teammates and the education never stops. We continue to study, attend seminars, acquire certifications, attend and review each other’s sessions, and visit other models to bring the best of the best to you.

Our coaches feed themselves and their families by helping others. Our coaches aren’t on the training floor for extended amounts of time to ensure every time we work with you, you’re getting 100% of us. Our practice is more than just a job; it is our passion. Our clients are our top priority and their successes are our life’s work. We are professionals.

We want our members to know more than any other coach around.

We share our knowledge with our members. For this reason, we devote time to training privately 1:1 with all of our clients before we send them into class (some never want to go to class, and that’s perfectly okay).

After meeting for your initial New Member Consultation, we meet with you regularly to track your progress, make adjustments for your evolving goals, and make sure you’re always on the right path. It is great to have an end goal in mind, but it is the journey that truly counts. We are with you every step of the way.

Our team of Nutrition coaches is available to you before you do your first sit up.

We know that food is fuel for a long, healthy life and that it’s also one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you Google “Nutrition Plan” you’ll get over 1 billion results (billion with a “b”!). Our program is not one size fits all. It is custom built to fit your lifestyle. Your nutrition coach will meet you where you’re at, give you one action step at a time, hold you accountable, and adjust you plan when it’s necessary.

We utilize the best methods in the world to effectively blend strength and energy systems work as well as ensure we are building your foundations properly.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from Louie Simmons, developer of the “Conjugate Method”, it’s that a “pyramid is only as big as its base,” which means that if we are not building your foundations with measures like sled work and special exercise work, then we’re doing you a disservice.

We create an environment conducive to learning through organization, clear direction, pristine facilities, and top on the line equipment.

You are our number one priority and everything we do if in an effort to improve your life.


Since 2015, we have got to work with hundreds of individuals in Johnstown and surrounding communities. Those that are a part of our community today believe in our values, our mission, and our vision.

Our Values: Happiness | Patience| Empathy | Grit | Organization | Freedom

Our Mission: To build a family of better humans through fitness, laughter, and love.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create an organization that is led by a team of fully focused passionate individuals who aspire to deliver the best hour of the day to a family of 150 happy Members inside of a world class facility.


Welcome to Veneration, welcome home.


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