When “happiness” is left undefined, it will always be out of reach.

It’s no secret that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. It looks just a little bit different for each of us. What’s awesome is that the things that make each of us happy are happening all the time. We just don’t acknowledge them because we’re distracted by things that are louder and more up in our face.

Happiness isn’t something that happens to you. It doesn’t mean the absence of work or worry. Happiness is a practice. The very first exercise in that practice is to know what makes you happy. Stop what you are doing and write those things down on paper.

The next exercise is Bright Spots: the ability to notice when the good things are happening. Because most people don’t. Most of us don’t have a single positive thought all day. Most of us are pessimistic. Most of us are plagued by self-doubt, self-comparison and sarcasm. Most of us will never be happy, because we’re not trained to be.

We do “Bright Spot Fridays” or “BSF” with our members every week because we want them to notice what’s going right in their lives. Since they all consistently workout in our program, most usually write about what’s going right in their training. And that’s great, because unhappy people fail at their health and fitness goals. Their classmates and friends won’t want to be around them and they will eventually give up on their goals because they will feel left alone to face the daily challenges of their fitness journey.

Writing down the things that make you happy makes success achievable. The Bright Spot Friday exercise keeps your compass pointing in the right direction. If you fail to notice the little wins, you won’t keep moving forward long enough to achieve happiness.

What’s been your biggest bright spot this week?


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