You were on a roll. The personal records were coming to you left and right. It felt like every time you stepped in the gym something new was happening. And then it came to a screeching halt. What the heck happened?

You’re not sure but all you know is that it is getting frustrating and you’re starting to wonder if you’re even getting any better. Don’t you worry. I think I have some personal struggles and successes that will help you find your way again.

First, let’s make sure we are on the same page from the start. Understand that when you first begin CrossFit, you’re going to set records like crazy. You’re going to be learning dozens – if not, hundreds – of brand new things. Each time you do something the first time, it’s going to be a personal record.

Then the second time you try it you start to feel more comfortable, and you set another PR. And the third time, forth, and fifth. And then nothing…. for what feels like forever.

What happened? If you’re feeling stuck, at least one of these recommendations below will likely help you out.

1.Have patience, young grasshopper

The longer you train consistently, the more time there will be between PRs. The simple fact is that you’re not going to PR every day forever. You’re not even going to PR every week or every month for that matter.

2. Your eating probably needs some attention, my friend.

Fitness is built on a foundation of nutrition. In case you just read over that quickly and it went in one ear and out the other like I let it for so long I’ll put it blatantly for us stubborn folks…

If you are eating poorly you are going to get poor results. You can’t have a protein bar and coffee for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch, and Spaghetti for dinner and achieve a high level of fitness – in fact, that’s going to lead to you being really unhealthy. Fortunately you have a resource at your fingertips right here in our gym. Our Fueled Nutrition Coaches will work intimately with you to build a custom action plan for you to reach your goals.

3. Give yourself some credit, bro

You may very well be setting personal records but not giving yourself credit. First time doing 15, 25, 35+ Double Unders in a workout?

First time completing a 16 minute AMRAP without walking around or staring at the barbell for 30 seconds before picking it up for your next rep? PR.

72 hours without a Little Debbie for the first time since graduating high school?

Completed a workout including lunges without pain in your knee from that nagging college sports injury?

Proof of your progress and personal records are everywhere. You’ve just got to be looking at things with the right mindset. A pessimist will miss a bright spot 10/10.

4. Align your attendance with your aspirations

Fact: You will get fitter training in our program 3 days/week. Understand that the only way to get better at something is to condition it.

Conditioning: Doing something to the best of your ability over and over. Also known as accumulating volume.

In summary, train less than 3 days/week and you’re going to be working in more of a “maintenance” ballpark. Train 3-4 days/week you’re going to see progress it’s just going to be a slower journey, but over time you’re going to see improvement. Train 5-6 days/week following our program while being coachable and eating properly and you are going to see steady improvement and break records for years to come.

At the end of the day, all of the above scenarios are awesome; your prescription is completely dependent on your personal goals that are laid out with our Member Success Manager in your Goal Setting Consultations.

5. You may be making too big of jumps.

When attempting a new record lift, for example, gradually build up to just below you PR. Your next attempt should be 5lbs over your PR. That’s a fantastic improvement! Shut it down on a high note and take your W.

Burying yourself with questionable mechanics on a 20lb PR attempt is only ending on a low note and reinforcing improper movement patterns, at best.

So what should you do to get out of this “rut”?

You have a choice.

You can choose to be upset, pissed off, frustrated, “realistic”, hurt, angry and defeated – By the way, all of those emotions are natural and you have the right to feel them, but my question for you is “how long”?

Or you can choose to make a change in one of the 5 areas above and get back on the progress train. If you haven’t had a Goal Setting Consultation with our Member Success Manager recently, get one scheduled ASAP!

Don’t become so obsessed with the result that you stop having fun. Nobody remembers your score. Everyone remembers your face, your smile, your attitude, and how you made them feel. The second you stop having fun is the second you start working backwards.


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