A few Monday’s ago I woke up late for work. Breakfast wasn’t prepped ahead of time, the coffee timer wasn’t pre-set, and my clothes weren’t clean. In all of the chaos I forgot to brush my teeth. So I just shrugged my shoulders and waited until the next Monday to brush them.

It sounds so silly right? It doesn’t make any sense at all! Even if that first Monday got so insanely out of hand that I literally didn’t have time to spare and I went on with my day with nasty mouth, I think we can all agree that first thing Tuesday morning I am scrubbing those pearly whites. After all, we only get one shot at taking care of our adult teeth.

So why do we treat our workouts any differently? We won’t go 24 hours without TLC on our teeth but we’ll go days, weeks, months, and years without taking adequate care of our bodies?

“This week has been a mess, I’m just going to start fresh Monday.” Does that sound familiar?

Best case scenario, you start again in 3-6 days. That’s a lot of time that could be spent on making progress. Worst case scenario, next Monday becomes next Monday becomes next Monday… until one day you realize 5 years has passed and next Monday never came.

Good news! Monday isn’t the only day of the week! It isn’t all or nothing. You can start right now. Just as you are. Out of shape and overweight. Scared, shaking, and trembling. Introverted and embarrassed. Vulnerable and unsure. Lost and ready for a change.

Just the way you are. Just start.

Because by this time next week, you’ll already be 7 days in.

If you come tell us your story and accept our help, you can have your first private 1:1 workout with your new coach accomplished in under 48 hours.

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Start.P.S. Brush your teeth. Get to the gym. It won’t happen if you wait until Monday.